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Paul Sebastian Melero Monagas

Web Developer | Agricultural Engineer

I want to apply my knowledge and skills to benefit others and have a positive impact on Society and the Environment.

Professional Summary

  • Creative Web Developer with 9+ years of experience. 6 years of IT experience as a freelance.
  • Excited about Programming in general, The Web in particular. Eager to continually keep pushing my knowledge boundaries.
  • Web Passionate with extensive expertise in CSS, HTML, Vanilla JS, TypeScript, DOM manipulation, and Web/Browser APIs.
  • Professional Javascript (6 years of experience) and Typescript experience (4 years).
  • Maintained large SASS (SCSS) codebases. PostCSS plugins development experience.
  • Experienced in Responsive Web Design (7 years).
  • Passionate about Web Performance Optimization in the browser and the server. WPT, DevTools profilers, and Lighthouse.
  • Well versed in performant animations, CSS and JS libs for CSS, SVG, and WebGL in canvas. Three.js experience (2 years).
  • Progressive enhancement advocate. UX focus with a keen eye for UI design.
  • Expert in SPAs with Vue.js (5 years) and React.js (2 years). Shared component libraries development.
  • Code Splitting experience in Vue.js (Nuxt) and JS/TS packages using Webpack and Rollup.
  • Experience publishing and maintaining npm packages both in the public registry and in private Github Package Registry.
  • Integration with CI systems: Jenkins and more recently Github Actions.
  • 7 years of Git experience with Gitlab, Bitbucket, TFS, and Github.
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Relevant Professional Experience

  • -
    Content Lead and Developer Relations

    (VueDose, Remote)

    • Developer Advocate
    • Content Creator
    • Writing Vue.js articles and technical content.
    • Maintainer of VueDose (Nuxt.js) site.
    • Social Media manager and community support.
    • Seeking partnerships with event organizers.
  • -
    Frontend Architect

    (LoveToKnow Media, Remote)

    • Web Developer
    • Team Lead
    • Leading the internal Design System development, following an Atomic Design approach.
    • Creating templates at scale for different projects.
    • Created re-usable components and tools for different projects.
    • Enjoyed developing accessible, usable, performant applications with my teammates.
  • -
    Vue.js Freelance Instructor

    (Lemoncoders, Remote)

    • Instructor
    • Teaching Vue.js "from scratch up to advanced concepts", including Vue 3's Composition API, in a remote Frontend Bootcamp.
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    • -
      Web Developer && Frontend Community Leader

      (Erni, BCN and Remote)

      • Web Developer
      • Instructor
      • Event Organizer
      • Developed in a SCRUM-based team a crafted solution for an Automotive company’s quality validation processes; setting up infrastructure, optimizing automation and creating Frontend, and Backend apps with hexagonal architecture.
      • Also, as a Frontend Community Leader I’ve been advocating about the company and its relationship with Frontend and I’ve organized a modest amount of Meetup sessions.
      • On a daily basis: Javascript, Typescript, Angular 6.
      • Nuxtjs, Vue.js micro apps for the Tooling Team management but also for production PWA (with Service Worker custom implementation).
      • Learned Python 2.7 and developed a REST API.
    • -
      Fullstack Freelance Developer: Nuxt.js, Node.js, Three.js

      • Freelancer
      • Web Developer
      • UI Developer
      • Illustrator
      • Graphic Design
      • E-commerce development commision for a local couches factory.
      • Planning and implementation of the whole user journey and company’s admin portal.
      • 3D interactive couches configurator made in Three.js, integrated with Vue.js and Vuex.
    • -
      Senior Frontend Developer

      (Hiberus Travel, Zaragoza)

      • Web Developer
      • Maintainer
      • Responsible of the layout part of the development: SASS (SCSS) with Bootstrap Sass. Styling AngularJS components focusing on modularity implementing atomic design pattern.
      • Responsive web design and cross-browser compatibility implementation.
      • Interoperability/Integration with REST/HTTP libraries.
      • Helped with Gulp task manager development for different environments following the 12 Factor App methodology.
      • Used SVG and CSS for complex layout displays.
      • Developed Living StyleGuide to document the atomic design system we created for a large app.
      • Used GIT version control system (from CLI).
    • -
      Junior Frontend Developer

      (The NodeHub, Zaragoza)

      • Web Developer
      • UI Developer
      • I used to be involved in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle including requirements gathering, Design, and Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the projects.
      • We developed highly custom-crafted webpages for different customers collaborating with a Design Studio to bring to life "pixel-perfect" layouts.
      • Here, I mastered CSS because I was using it on a daily basis. And I started learning about Javascript because my superior, Fran, mentored me.
    • -
      Drawing Teacher

      (Camón Aznar School, Zaragoza)

      • Instructor
      • Illustrator
    • -
      Freelancer: Web Dev, Arts/Illustration and Graphic Design

      Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Frontend Developer

      • Freelancer
      • Web Developer
      • UI Developer
      • Illustrator
      • I spent several years making websites, doing my best to make them fast, engaging and accessible.
      • I learnt how to communicate with clients before and during a commission.
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  • -
    B. Agriculture Engineering

    La Almunia Polytechnic University School (EUPLA)

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    Aditional Education

    • IT
      • Vue 3 Composition API

        (Vue Mastery)

        • From Vue 2 to Vue 3

          (Vue Mastery)

          • Vue 3 Reactivity

            (Vue Mastery)

            • Build an offline-first, data-driven PWA

              (Google Codelabs)

              • JavaScript Promises


                • React: from zero to hero


                  • Browser Rendering Optimization


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                    • webpack: The Core Concepts


                      • PHP


                        • LololoLodash


                          • Javascripting


                            • Git-it


                              • Scope Chains and Closures


                                • JavaScript Basics


                                  • HTML & CSS


                                    • Make an Interactive WebSite


                                      • Introduction to JavaScript


                                        • Real Time Web with Node.js


                                          • Flex-box CSS


                                            • AutoCAD Course


                                              • R 101


                                                • HTML 101

                                                  (PixarNet SL)

                                                  • VisualBasic 101

                                                    (PixarNet SL)

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                                                  • I consider myself to be a humanist.
                                                  • I am a fast-learner with an analytic and creative mindset.
                                                  • I focus on having good communication with my teammates, mentors, mentees and superiors.
                                                  • I feel motivated by the technical challenges of my work.
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